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 Once asked: Why do you want to grow these plants? Because I am besotted with them… and it is still the case. Even now I could find the exact spot of the first wild Leucojum vernalis, accompanied a bit further down by pink and blue hepaticas and later-on across the gorge the Aruncus silvester clumps, or in another area Mattheucia struthiopteris and digitalis interspersed with belladonna. When other children  bonded with people I bonded with nature and plants, having worked in this profession in Germany, France, Switzerland and our Southeast. For this very reason we choose to grow reliably recurring perennials that will give years of joy to share with friends and family. We love to nurture and promote life. 


We Truly Care

 We garden in Zone 8a on the East Coast of the USA. 33,7 N and 78.8 degrees W. We have wide temperature swings, from the rare 0 degree to the rare 106 degree F, unpredictable dry or wet seasons. Please keep in mind that Zone 8 on the West Coast is an entirely different climate than the Southeast. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Of course what grows well here may behave slightly or entirely different in an other area. Therefor we cite the hardiness zones conservatively. You can always experiment and gain new experience to share with us. 

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Coastal Gardens and Nursery

Pee Dee Area, South Carolina, United States


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