Zephyranthes atamasca wide open

10 bulbs $15.00

Easterlily, Atamasco lily,a rainlily, which means its flowers are being brought to bloom after a thunderstorm. This Southeastern native blooms generally from February, even in snow in bottom woods with seasonal flooding, to late April although I have seen the rare Thanksgiving blossom. It tolerates seasonally flooded areas, wet heavy soils and dry summers. The flowers resemble very large crocus goblets, white, wilting rosy-pink. Atamasco lily thrives in deep shade to full sun, wet or dry heavy or sandy soils and is salt-wind tolerant. Lovely with Christmas fern, wild ginger in a woodland setting, near a pond, the bulb bed, with Phlox divaricata, wherever you need a spring flower to compliment your plantings. A Florida version, Zephyranthes atamasca var. treatiae is also in cultivation.

Z 7-9