Yucca Gloriosa

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It is really, really glorious when it sends up it’s strong stalks of white, bell-shaped flowers, tinged a little with green or even pink during the fall blooming season. The yucca is called in Germany “Schellenbaum” translating to “bell-tree”. My honeybees do not visit these flowers, yucca are pollinated by nocturnal insects, moths. I do not sit out to watch but may have to put a night camera to see who is visiting. The rosette of elegant blue-grey, rather stiff leaf-blades end in a hypodermic needle of no mean proportion. Ideal as property barrier, doggie fence, soil stabilizer, unusable area colonizer, entrance marker or rock garden dweller it will always be a focal point. It can even find it’s way into your kitchen. Our friends from down South dip the flowers into pancake mix and fry them, just like the French use elderberry umbels as beignets.The plant sets rarely seed, the right pollinators are on vacation, but increases well with underground proliferations.

Zone 7-10