Bambusa multiplex Silverstripe

Divisions about 3X3” cut back to 20”
3 divisions $45.00

Silverstripe bamboo, non-invasive, clumping reaches 20’ or more in our area if left undisturbed, may be clipped as a hedge, grown in a container, planted as a privacy screen. The  medium green culms are decorated with thin vertical white stripes, the young foliage shows the same colors. When planting a clumping bamboo remember that the height of the culms you allow it to have corresponds to the diameter of the plant, the tops bend outward to the light, the base stays tightly gathered. You cannot force it into a narrow space between two lots; it will touch your neighbor’s house, which probably dislikes bamboo even if you are enthralled by the lovely texture looking out of your window, feeling at one with nature. I found that birds love the multiplex bamboos seeking shelter and building nests. It is absolutely astonishing to see them enter a clump where the opening between the growth seems to little for a flight passage. The “thick wall” wood is used for crafts and construction, the twigs on the large culms for basket weaving, connecting items in lieu of string. Same hardiness as Alphonse Karr, same culm diameter to 1 1/4”.

Z  7b to 10