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Saxifraga stolonifera close-up

3 rosettes $10.00

Saxifraga stolonifera used to be cultivated in the old farmhouses in Bavaria as a hanging plant in the Sunday-room that nobody ever made use of. Yes, it is a fine specimen for cool, shaded moist sites, ideally spilling over planters or as ground cover and companion for larger woodland plants. It’s colorful leaves are evergreen. The veil of lacy white flowers occurs here late April through May. We can use it as evergreen hanging basket-plant, doorstep flower with impatiens, hosta and rohdea, along a shaded brook nestling in the soft dirt between the stones or just simply underline the beauty of a specimen-tree. Surprisingly it will defy the laws of gravity and even climb the rough bark of a tree. 

Z 7b to 9