Pseudosasa japonica

3 to 5” clump
3 for $30.00

Japanese Arrow bamboo. How can a bamboo, if the Japanese word  ‘sasa’ signifies “bamboo” be a false bamboo? Bleese eggsblane! Anyhow, false or true; my Karate friend , decorated with four black belts, loves to grow it in a container on his porch and the boys in the family enjoy making bows from the high tensile canes. My husband says: “Tough stuff.” I use it in various ways, p.e. to repair the louvres on the plastic hive-beetle traps, staking orchids,  growing garden peas , bracing plants in shipping containers or as footrest for our winged friends on the longleaf pinecone suet feeders. The very slender, very  flexible “thick wall” canes growing to 12 ‘ or more once established are topped with dark green, large leaves .  Arrow bamboo can be pruned and shaped at any level and will fill in with fresh glossy foliage. Once established it is drought tolerant and performs well in sun or shade, the beige culms and glossy foliage add background texture to the garden or play shadow games against a solid surface.

Z 6 to 9