Oxalis crassipes

3 bulb sections $ 12.00

Shamrock, well behaved. Not invasive!  Heirloom! Own a bit of the Old South! This tidy soft green shamrock with a bulbous, almost woody rootstock charms you with showy, rosy pink blossoms. It can naturalize, provided you plant enough bulbs in a wooded garden under deciduous trees, form a border along a path or a perennial border, sit in a large pot as doorstep flower near your porch, or contrast with your succulents. In our Zone 8 the thick footed shamrock behaves as a cool season perennial going dormant during the heat of summer, further North it is a Summer perennial. I understand that it survives in Zone 5 climate. Where ever you plant it it prefers good drainage.

Z 5-9