Upon Arrival

All plants should be moistened with rain or tap-water (NOT hot from the hose lying in the sun, NO chlorine odor!) and planted immediately preferably in late afternoon. The planting hole needs to be watered before setting out the plant, then watered again after planting, but not fertilized. The plants may  be top-dressed with natural fertilizers after a week. Even the very good fertilizers with mycorrhiza and micronutrients  need to be either below the root zone at planting time in sandy soils or at the perimeter of the planting hole under the mulch in clay soils or any garden condition.  DO NOT use soil mixes with fertilizer nor vermiculite. The fertilizer may be too strong at planting time for bare-rooted plants. Vermiculite becomes”greasy” over time and will clog the roots.

If you are nor at home when your delivery arrives leave a note for UPS to place your plant package at a certain shaded location.

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