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Ophiopogon Jaburan

3 bareroot divisions $ 7

Ophiopogon jaburan, this majestic Lily-turf, came to us from a friend in the Charleston area. Leave it to the early far-East traders to choose elegant, reliable plants as gifts for their beloved ones. Ever since this unmarked day in history evergreen hummocks of grassy, glossy foliage compliment Southern gardens. It tolerates shade very well and can be used as "doorstep flower" in containers on porches, steps and terraces or be planted with camellias and other shade-loving shrubs and perennials. The inflorescence is a graceful spike adorned with tiny white stars which will in due time mature into bright blue berries, harvested by birds and nocturnal garden-dwellers if your dog and cat do not keep a watchful eye on them.

Z 8a - 10