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Rohdea Japonica

3 Single 4 year old plants about 6” tall, bare root $ 24.00
Evergreen sacred Chinese or Japanese lily, prized by the Japanese, grown in pretty glazed bonsai containers, in the garden or in front of a shrine have dark-green, lance-shaped leathery leaves forming an irregular rosette.After the rather inconspicuous flowers have been pollinated by some fly-by-nights the spike ripens bright red seeds  persisting all winter. I can attest to the fact that the plant has medicinal faculties belonging to the lily-of-the-valley group. Cleaning a goodly quantity ,’ say a mess;, of  seed i felt accelerated heart activity. Rohdea is my favorite winter-wonder-woodland plant grouped under trees, as specimen near a pretty rock, complimented by a complement of heuchera or asarum. It likes moist garden-soil the best but can survive periods of draught once established. When we refer to ‘established’ plants we mean plants that have been growing successfully for two years in the same location. 
Plant yours as a ‘doorstep flower’ in dark-blue glazed, frost tolerant containers at the entrance of your house
Zone 6b to 9a