Lycoris radiata var radiata

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The blooming period of the spider lilies, like the rain lilies, is triggered by the barometric changes in mid to late summer. Lycoris radiata, an heirloom bulb, has been grown in the Deep South up to the Cotton Belt and into the Coastal counties of Virginia for centuries. It thrives happily in any garden-soil on a goodly portion of neglect out in the open or under trees. One bulb will offset nicely to develop into a spectacular clump within a few years. A bit of natural fertilizer in early spring will produce a wealth of scapes arising from the ground unannounced, decorated with a bright red crown of spidery crinkled petals. So be careful when you mow or work in the garden to not crush or brake these beauties. As soon as they are ready to bloom emerge “strappy” moss green leaves with a silvery center stripe. They persist until May to disappear into dormancy  during the summer vacation.

Z 6-10