Hedychium Coccineum

1 bareroot division $8.00

Flame ginger catches your eye, not only your’s also the hummingbirds’  flocking to it. Sturdy tall stalks with stiff leaves elongate  into a long spike of fiery orange flowers in late August through September for us. Unfortunately no fragrance, The orange display is repeated when the seed capsules open and the bright red pearls look at you from a velvety jewel box  with nature’s signature.. A focal point in the garden - this is almost redundant, focal, focus means fire and the flowers are flaming orange red.  Gingers like rich fertile garden-soil and ample moisture during the growing season, but are not offended if situated in a dry site during the cold of winter. Texture and color lend themselves to use this plant for a dramatic accent. Nota bene: cardinals are attracted by the red seed!

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