Farfugium Japonicum Crispatum

1 division. leaves pruned back $10.00

The “poodle” of the farfugiums has very thick leathery leaves clothed with silvery hair when young, even tinged, not tickled pink in the juvenile stage. That is not enough, it is curly, frizzled, ruffled like  the ruff of a medieval collar. A large plant catches your eye, You have to look twice to believe the beauty. Plants exposed to partial sun during the recent ice storm got “burned”, the cells could not respond fast enough under the shield of ice acting like glass. Recently pruned they are already filling out with the only slightly warmer weather.  Due to all that crinkling in it’s genes the flowers are somewhat distorted, some folks just cut the stems and forgo the bloom. Use it in a shaded area wherever the fancy strikes you. If exposed to too much sun it will temporarily wilt like hydrangeas  to return to a normal hydrated look as the heat vanes in the evening.

Zone 7 to 9