Farfugium Japonicum Aureo-maculatum

4 “ pots with plants $12.00

Well, it has spots so logic tells us it has to be a Leopard plant although neither it’s behavior, origin nor growth habit  have any connection to this predator. Like all farfugiums it displays rounded evergreen  leaves, forming attractive tight clumps giving us a surprise party of golden asters in late October through November in entrancing harmony with the gold, orange and reds of the fall colors. Ours’ and our clients’ did not suffer with the ice-storm. Either it is my lack of imagination or the good properties of the plant that I like to use it in shaded plantings large and small as accent or as specimen where it receives sufficient moisture. It harmonizes well seen against large boulders, with all woodland plants available in our area and of course camellias, azaleas, piers and viburnums.

Zone 7b to 9