Clerodendrum bungei

10 canes with roots 12 -15” tall, leaves cut to prevent damage $40.00

Rose Glory Bower! Mexican Hydrangea, Mexicali Rose, Cashmere Bouquet, some people call it even Chacolate bush due to the odor emitted by the tropical, heart-shaped leaves when bruised. Some folks call it ”Hyderaanjea” because the deep lilac pink inflorescence resembles the mop-head hortensias. Well, it originates in China and Northern India, may have found suitable growing conditions in Mexico and thrives in the Southeast and South of the USA. In cooler climes it can be grown in greenhouses, conservatories and sunrooms. The rosy-red florets change to a medium lilac pink to attract swallowtail butterflies de galore with their sweet lemony fragrance, a lovely, light fragrance that permeates the surrounding air in a 30’ radius if your olfactory sense is in working condition. Depending on the preceding winter they bloom here from late June to mid-October, growing to 9’ tall in a suitable environment.

One caveat: They ‘travel’ via underground runners to colonize a large area. I advise to improvise a barrier with material on hand to 12” below soil surface. EPDM 60 mil liner or aluminum flashing retain them in their allotted spot.

Z 7 to 10