Bambusa Multiplex Willowy

3 divisions for $45.00

What a bamboo!  Willowy came to us from the Savannah, Georgia , Agricultural Research Station. Salt breeze tolerant it grows right at the inlet, less than a mile from the ocean. Hurricanes? It shakes them off, drops salt burnt leaves and pushes new growth. Dense, fast-growing it gains quickly volume and height, it’s top reaching out further than other cultivars, a veritable giant mushroom of fine green foliage. One full-grown clump with a 25 foot diameter of branching replaces 5000 square feet of tedious lawn, requires neither mowing nor herbicides to control weed growth, supplies sturdy canes for craft, fishing and musical instruments. Of course if you have a large property you can grow a bamboo walk, where the branches touch in the middle, your feet cushioned by the soft leaf litter or you may want to shelter your Japanese teahouse with one of the large growing multiplex bamboos .

Zone 7b to 9b