Bambusa multiplex Alphonse Karr

3 Divisions $45.00

My preferred clumping, non-invasive bamboo! Grows slowly over 20’ in our area if not kept pruned as a lower hedge or specimen. The luminous golden culms brighten any overcast, dreary rainy day. The vertical green stripes alternating between the nodes add special interest. Like evergreen broadleaf plants it sheds it’s leaves in the spring as new growth pushes through. The leaf litter is actually a very efficient mulch, permitting hardly any weed growth. Lycoris radiate sups.radiata and Leucojum aestivatum, cyclamen, Zephyranthes candida and atamasca add seasonal highlights. Alphonse Karr can be used in large containers with Vinca minor or major draping over the edge of the planter. Remember that all bamboos come from areas with high seasonal humidity, which means that they need frequent overhead irrigation, the water temperature being equal to the surrounding air. The wood is much desired for crafts and interior decorating.

Are you worried about a snow or ice load pushing the canes to the ground? Resurrexit!, very flexible, it stands up again. Cold hardy here without leafloss to many a long night of 15 degree F.

Zone 7b to 10

We will cut divisions about 3”x 3” and reduce the canes to about 20”, they will resume growing during the warm season.