Aspidistra elatior Estralita

3 divisions with 2 eyes $24.00
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This cast-iron plant sends evergreen leathery, lance shaped foliage speckled with tiny stars up to 42” high, some almost 5” wide, slowly forming a stately accent in  lightly to deeply shaded areas. Remember it requires good drainage. Good drainage means an overall non water-retaining area. If you dig a hole in clay and put stone into it you have a non-draining vessel with stone at the bottom. In other words the water has to be able to evacuate, flow away, seep away.

Beautiful in containers at your brick entrance-steps .

Ours survived a night of 0 degree F, freezing to the ground in 3 gallon containers to return to full glory the following spiring.

I have not seen this plant described in the trade publications. It came to us from an old Southern  garden where it efficiently delineated the property line, decreasing from taller plants to a low Yucca gloriosa patch. I do not wish to see this plant to crop up under another name in the trade unless it can be proven to have been recorded prior.

Z 7b  to 9