Aspidistra elatior 'Akebono'

3 divisions with 2 eyes $15.00
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One of the most frequently encountered cast-iron plant sends evergreen leathery, lance shaped foliage up to 30” high, some almost 5” wide, slowly forming a stately clump for shade-scapes. The leaves display a central or sometimes off-center cream to yellow stripe. Hence the Japanese name Akebono meaning beginning, dawn, a ray of light. It may be used as an accent in any shaded situation. remember it requires good drainage. Good drainage means an overall non water-retaining area. If you dig a hole in clay and put stone into it you have a non-draining vessel with stone at the bottom. In other words the water has to be able to evacuate.

Ours survived a night of 0 degree F, freezing to the ground in 3 gallon containers to return to full glory the following spiring.

Z 7b to 9