Arum Italicum in Bloom

5 tubers assorted blooming size and smaller $9.00

Lords and Ladies, a winter aroid producing a diaphanous green spathe followed by a cluster of red berries over it’s marbled foliage in May. It thrives equally well in sun or shade, woodland or open areas and is quite moisture tolerant. Use it to mark the bulbs of your special lilies, in front of shrubs, between some rocks along a brook, under your hydrangeas or as companion with your favorite hellebores. I just read a thread where it is taking over the native woodland flora. I wish I were that lucky. It took me years to have enough to even see some clumps. If you do not want the arum to escape from it’s assigned spot collect the seed before the birds get a hold of it and send it to me. Do not attempt to move it as it proliferates with tiny corms that may get lost in the garden to show up as a new cluster in a few years. Of course, if you like it as well as I do, you are happy for it to show up in another spot. My best selection did not proliferate after becoming a visible showy plant, au contraire it spontaneously disappeared altogether one day. NONE of the neighbors gardens have it growing under their shrubs.

Zone 6-9