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Ampelopsis Brevipedunculata

Upon request only

Porcelain berry is a very versatile , deciduous vine climbing to 15’ or more. It can be trained to stay only 5’ high for fences, pillars, trellises and other outside structures. Adorned with deeply cut  leaves, splashed with white and pink ( pink when cooler temperatures prevail on young growth) and white, lilac, turquoise maturing to lapis lazuli blue berries it offers courtesy to the owner of the plant’ nesting security’ to birds, food to birds, nectar and pollen to the honeybees from mid-June through mid-September here.

I do not think that it qualifies as a geophyte, although I have observed a strong thickening of the root when  confined in pots. One should try it as a bonsai with sufficient moisture. It tolerates heavy wet soils.

Z 4 to 9