Akebia quinnata

10 cuttings with roots $25.00

Came to us from Mr. Freeman in Columbia S.C. We saw it first in Annecy, France planted on an arbor over a little creek draining into the lake, icicle disks forming a the ends of its tendrils touching the water. Chocolate vine, an evergreen to deciduous, fast-growing twining vine offers a perfect solution for covering fences, pillars and pergolas, fragrant, purple, pendulous clusters of flowers are produced in spring followed by delicious edible fruit. it is tolerant of moist soils, surviving periods of draught once established. I have not noticed any fungal  or insect damage on this plant. Providing an excellent source of nectar for honeybees I recommend it to beekeepers. The foliage may not be fed to livestock, it causes digestive disorders.

Zone 6 to 9